The Annual Onslaught of the Rainy Season 

While Brazilians in the dry north-east welcome the rains to quench arid land, the lack of infrastructure in the city to deal with runoff from torrential downpours, causes immense danger and suffering each year.

Dengue fever and Chikungunya are two very nasty mosquito-borne diseases. They continue to impact our children and teachers. We ask for your prayers for Erivando (our caretaker) and his whole family. They are currently suffering from Chikungunya. Lisiane, our 4th grade teacher has Dengue. We also have many students off sick with the same virus’.

Mosquitos breed in standing water left behind by the rains, particularly in the slums where there is inadequate drainage. Very often, poorly constructed sewage systems back up, causing more flooding in streets and houses. Please pray for righteousness and wisdom for city leaders, who have power to improve the quality of life for those most at risk during this season.

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