Introducing Adner

We’re so excited to introduce you to Adner, our new 7th grade teacher. Adner graduated from college in 2019. She has two years experience teaching children with autism in Rio Grande do Norte, the state adjacent to Ceará. In 2021 Adner got married and moved to Fortaleza.

Adner is a talented teacher with a big heart. She is a great fit in our team of staff and also loves to sing. When we asked her to tell us a bit more of her story we were moved to tears.

Adner was born prematurely. She was the second child of her mother, whose first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. When she was just 9 months old she pulled an oven over on top of herself and nearly died. When she was 5, she had another accident which temporarily paralyzed her legs. She remembers praying one night that she would be able to walk again and the next day, she got the feeling back in her legs.

When Adner went to college, she had a strong desire that her profession and her faith in God would overlap heavily in her workplace. When we offered her the position as 7th grade teacher, Adner accepted straight away because she understood that CBC was the place where this would be fulfilled.

We extend a very warm welcome to Adner and believe that she will make a tremendous difference for our students this year.

Adner teaching her class

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