What is a Dreambuilder?

You’ve heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.” But what if that village is a slum, marginalized by local authorities and ruled by violent gangs? If you expect that child to become anything other than another gang member, then either the child needs to get out of the village or the village needs some visitors.

Most people in the slums are just like you, they want peace and quality of life. The difference is they are stuck. Hope and opportunity are the visitors that they need, but because of the nature of poverty in Brazil, it takes an international effort to bring them there. 

Dreambuilders is our system to make this global village work. We use precious resources of prayer and finances from America to work with local Christians in Brazil. These staff work tirelessly every day to bring hope and opportunity to children traumatized by violence and brokenness. The results are life-changing for everyone involved and we cannot do it without your support.

Dreambuilders is a smart and creative way to support children in poverty. It allows the majority of your donation to go straight to serving the children and maximizes the quality of the services below…

how do the children benefit?

The project offers each child 20 hours of education each week, in addition to the 4 hours offered by the public school system each day. CBC focuses on literacy and critical thinking to develop leadership skills and vocational aspirations. Young people have to work hard to climb out of poverty and they need a strong character and determination to do it.

Dreambuilders is about teaching the children to fish, rather than just providing them with fish. Your gifts help us provide a safe and inspirational learning environment. We make it a priority to show you the results of your investment and maintain a relationship with you through regular updates.

How to become a Dreambuilder?

A Dreambuilder is a financial partner who provides the means for CBC to support the children in the slum community. As a monthly or annual donor, your financial support goes toward supporting CBC and all the children we serve. You are not supporting one specific child, but the mission as a whole.

It costs CBC approximately $40 per month ($120 quarterly and $480 annually) to support one child. We understand that everyone has different abilities to give and thus recognize each financial partner as a Dreambuilder partner, no matter what amount is given. All financial support helps build hope and opportunity for our children.

As a Dreambuilder, we will send you our gratitude in a thank you letter with a child story, full color photo, and video each month. Each Dreambuilder story will star a different CBC child. This way you can get to know all the children in our program. Sometimes we will send updates on children you have already met in previous Dreambuilder stories. We hope that through each story, you can learn about and connect to our children and reflect on how your financial support impacts each child. Click here to learn about giving!

Check out Jonah’s story from September 2023.

We look forward to developing our relationship with you and welcoming you into our Dreambuilder Village!