Answered Prayers Mean TIME TO GET TO WORK!

We have been asking you to pray for us as we seek new staff and our prayers are being answered. Our team is growing! It’s an exciting time at CBC after almost three years of uncertainty with the pandemic.

We are delighted that God is restoring the health of Janiarla (our 8th & 9th grade teacher), who has been suffering from severe headaches for several months. Janiarla is feeling much stronger and most importantly undefeated by the heath problems which have threatened her ministry at CBC. We are delighted for her and so thankful for God’s love and faithfulness in her life.

Many of you have also been praying for Elandir, our 5th grade teacher. After 5 months, she remains in hospital in a critical condition and has lost a lot of weight. At present her family needs wisdom and resources to decide how to proceed with her treatment and rehabilitation. CBC is helping her family to buy some of the medical equipment Elandir needs to stay comfortable.

There are lots of new faces and new stories to tell in our team of staff. Please pray for this happy team as we make plans for the rest of this year. Our goal is to inspire all 260 of our students to love Jesus, believe in themselves and develop all the gifts and talents God has given them.

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