International Experiences

Have you ever traveled abroad? Had the opportunity to teach, learn, or serve in another country? International Experiences with CBC can offer you this and so much more. When you travel to CBC you have the opportunity to learn new skills, while sharing your own talents with us! Every experience will look a little different. Our goal is to create a unique experience that speaks to the gifts/skills of your group. 

We place value in community and teamwork by offering the opportunity to bring teams of up to 18 people. We recommend trips 7-14 days in length to allow the team to adjust to the new environment and culture, so they can fully embrace their experience.

Generally, an experience will include the following:

  • The opportunity to get to know the daily life of the project
  • A practical work project 
  • Teaching opportunities 
  • Games and activities with the CBC students 
  • Meet the teachers – experience new language and culture 
  • Visit to a local church
  •  The opportunity for spiritual growth – worship, prayer, biblical studies, and daily devotionals.
  • Team building activities 
  • A sightseeing tour of Fortaleza and the opportunity to buy souvenirs

a one of a kind experience

International experiences are more than what is listed above…the emotional and spiritual journey is yours alone. We cannot tell you what you will encounter, only that it will transform you. You have the opportunity to interact with new people and new personalities. Challenges and opportunities to expand your comfort zone will arise. You will have opportunities to deepen relationships with your team and form relationships across language barriers. International Experiences provide the opportunity to step into a transformative challenge. It will be a memory you will hold onto for the rest of your life.

Join us in Fortaleza! Contact us for more information about trips to Brazil!

Here are some things you (and your team) can bring for our students and staff:

  • First aid supplies
  • Colored paper, cardstock and construction paper all sizes.
  • Regular pens, colored pencils, glue, children’s scissors, stickers,
  • Puzzles and floor puzzles (culturally appropriate)
  • Shape / logic games and puzzles (non language) – tangram puzzles etc.
  • Soccer balls, volleyballs, tennis balls, soft sponge balls, frisbees and jump ropes
  • Construction sets, big Legos, Jenga, Twister, Spot It, Uno & other non-language games
  • Strong plastic storage containers (pack your clothes inside!)
  • Large laminated photos/posters to decorate classrooms (rainforests, mountains, educational, inspirational, numbers, etc.)
  • Musical Instruments – a guitar, bass guitar, a keyboard, recorders, nylon guitar strings,
    keyboard stand, music stand, soft guitar cases.
  • Portable Bluetooth speakers, USB drives, AA batteries
  • Sound equipment – microphones, cables, etc… (contact CBC for specific needs)
  • Laptops for teachers

Interested in learning more about bringing a team to Fortaleza? Have questions about the International Experience?