Our Campaigns

Gym Repairs

The gymnasium is the biggest building in the grounds of the project and it is now 18 years old. The frame structure is being checked for rust damage and re-painted to protect it for the years ahead.  

Some problems areas have been found and will need to be repaired which will incur further costs. Please contact us if you would like further information or would like to contribute to the cost of this project. Click here to support this project!

Flood Prevention

On Sunday 11th February Fortaleza received 22.5 cm of rain in a 24-hour period. An event like this has not happened for 50 years. The city was deluged. Despite measures taken in 2023 to prevent flooding, the downpour flooded the kitchen, dining hall, chapel, classroom, toilets, and the playground. 

If these measures had not been in place, we believe that the damage would have been catastrophic and would have destroyed our newly installed kitchen cabinets, freezers, and fridges and many of our other facilities. Thankfully we avoided a costly disaster. 

We believe that the best long-term solution is to continue with the installation of 4 more pumps in strategic areas of the project, together with holding tanks and other flood defenses. This will remove water quickly and prevent flash flooding. 

To protect our facilities, we are appealing for your help to continue with these further flood prevention measures. Each pumping system will cost $4,500, and we need four of them. Click here to support our flood prevention measures!


Setting up a monthly standing order is the best way to help Channel to Brazil meet its budget each month. Even $5 or $10 per month goes a long way to transforming the life of a child in the slums. Thank you. Learn more about what it means to be a Dreambuilder!

School Materials

teacher with students in a classroom at cbc

Channel to Brazil needs funds to buy classroom tables and chairs, stationary, school uniforms, books and other school materials. Consider assisting us in purchasing these materials to support the children we serve! Click here to help us purchase these materials!

Dreambuilder 100 Campaign

This year we are looking for 100 new partners! See our Dreambuilders page to learn more about how dreambuilders impact the students and the community in Fortaleza!

Are you already a Dreambuilder? You are the advocates for the children on the streets of Brazil. Your experiences and perspectives are valuable. As much as people want to hear from us, they also want to learn from you. You have the special ability to reach the community where you live, work, and pray! Be an advocate for CBC and pray for new partners to come foreword!

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We are so grateful that you are a part of our International Village! Spread the word so new partners can join in our mission!