Your Team In Brazil

On the 20th of September, local public schools in Fortaleza were given the go-ahead to return to classes at full capacity. It has been 1 year and 9 months since our students have stepped into their schools. There is a great deal of hope that despite the continued existence of COVID-19, the coming summer months here in the southern hemisphere will see some restoration of normal life.

Please let us re-introduce you to our team at CBC in Brazil, from right to left. Abner (IT), Raquel (admin), Priscilla (dance), Tayanne (2nd grade), Marcia (6th grade), Oseias (logistics), Sabrinha (3rd grade), Lisiane (4th grade), Ruth (management & communications), Silvia (education coordinator), Marc (director), Janiarla (8th & 9th grade) and Elandir (5th grade).

This month we said goodbye to Larrisa (PE), who is moving on to further her career ambitions in the medical field. We also said goodbye to Esther (8th grade) and Cristina, our cook. We wish them all every success and are busy recruiting to fill these important positions.

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