Restoring Hearts & Minds

Just like other schools all over the world, the return of students to the classroom after so long at home, has been a journey of discovery. In general, we see that younger students are eager to learn and very keen to get back into a  classroom environment. Our new students have only been able to dream about what school is like. They are timid, but wide-eyed and ready to go!

We have learned more about the fear and suffering that COVID-19 itself brought upon our community. One student, Lana in 4th grade, told us that she had lost both grandparents, two uncles, and a cousin to the virus. Our older students have struggled the most. They have had less support for their studies and have had to deal with poor quality online classes from the public school, many of which were virtually impossible to follow. They have felt more of the pressure of the pandemic than their younger brothers and sisters. Many of them appear to be depressed and lacking motivation.

Ruth described the situation with older students.

It’s like their internal candles of Brazilian joy and energy have been snuffed out. Our teenagers need to be heard and loved, but also challenged to take a stand for their education and their future.  We must re-engage them quickly and effectively.

The pandemic has impacted everybody and if they don’t take steps forward now, they will encounter a lack of self confidence and regret. Here in the favela that can all too quickly lead to criminal  activity and substance abuse. We have an important opportunity to reach out to these young people at a crucial time. We want CBC to be a place of ‘righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit.’ (Romans 14:17).”

Please keep CBC in your daily prayers as we embark on this season of restoration.

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