Welcome Casie

Last month we introduced Celeste, this month we are excited to bring Casie Clark on as our Media Volunteer.

Casie has been a part of the CBC family her whole life and has visited the project twice. In 2007, she celebrated her eighth birthday in Brazil with her family, and then returned with a church mission team in 2009. During these trips she developed strong connections with the students at CBC. These friendships opened her eyes and sparked a drive to support the program. Throughout her childhood, Casie stayed connected by helping at CBC’s fundraising events including the walkathon, the international children’s festival, and the annual banquets.

In May 2021, Casie graduated from Northern Michigan University with a bachelors in Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management and is starting her career working as a wilderness therapy field instructor in northern Georgia. During her time off from work in the field, Casie will be helping with CBC’s social media marketing. Her goals are to cultivate a network of supporters and connect them to daily life in Brazil by expanding CBC’s social media presence.

Seeing the power and impact of sharing CBC’s mission with others, Casie encourages supporters to share their love and commitment to this program with those around them.  “Whether in person or on social media, we have the ability to share the stories of these children with the people around us. When you share or like CBC’s media posts, you are creating an opportunity for those around you to connect to CBC’s mission and join the community who supports the children in Brazil.”

We encourage you to get involved with CBC’s social media by creating your own posts about your experiences,  tagging CBC’s media, or by sharing and liking our posts.

You can also send ideas and suggestions to us.

Email: media@thechannel.org

Our Facebook Page is @channeltobrazil

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