Prayer Garden & Outdoor Classroom

This has been in our sights for a long time but COVID has confirmed our need for this outdoor space.

This area at CBC, will be re-paved and seating put in place to allow students to study individually or in small groups. The project requires re-paving an area adjacent to our classrooms which overlooks our pond and bridge. We want to decorate, install outdoor seating and small structure to create more shade. The area will be used for individual & group study, prayer and worship. This project is costing us approximately$15,000 and if you would like to donate please mark your donation prayer garden. Thank you for helping us create our outdoor space.

The outdoor space will also include a shared memorial to honor the many members of our community in Brazil who have been lost to sickness or gang violence.

Grief is a reality for the majority of our students and we want to create a special place for them within the project where we can remember loved ones.

Outdoor classroom

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