Fitness for Freedom Fundraiser


We hope that you have prayerfully considered joining us for our FITNESS FOR FREEDOM FUNDRAISER, 2021

STEP 1: Today

RECRUIT team members from anywhere in the world to join you. Decide together on your goals for distance and fundraising. Pick a fun team name and pray about how you will share CBC through this fundraiser.

STEP 2: August 14 – September 6

REGISTER and set up your account at the link above. Once you register, you will have your own web page that will track your team’s combined distance and funds you raise together. Registration: $25/participant (proceeds go toward your overall fundraising goal)

STEP 3: As much as possible

SHARE your team fundraising page with others so they can support you through donations. Post the link to your web page on social media or send it in a text or email to friends and family.

STEP 4: September 6-20

TRACK your steps/miles.

1. Download the free Charity Footprints App or manually enter your miles on your event page.

2. Sync your fitness device (Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, Google Fit, Misfit, Strava) or use the health app on your phone.

STEP 5: August 14 – October 9

CONTINUE TO SHARE!!! Your team fundraising page will be active after the fitness portion is over to receive donations and support for the ministry through the beginning of October.

Our goal is not only to raise funds but awareness and new supporters for the ministry God is doing in Brazil. Thank you for helping us put CBC in front of the next generation through our Fitness for Freedom Fundraiser.

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