Spiritual Breakthroughs

We have had 26 students give their lives to Christ over the last month. Several others have told us that they would like to study the Bible more before they make a decision. We continue discipling and teaching all these students so that they can mature in their faith.

We are also seeing big changes in the behavior of students who were proving rebellious at the beginning of the semester. We have one female student who always appeared exhausted and walked or sat with her head down. Her friends often called her lazy. One day her teacher felt the Holy Spirit challenging her to help this girl. She told her to lift her head up high, that she was not lazy or tired, and that never again would anyone tag her with this label. Something seemed to click inside of her and we have seen her respond in a remarkable way.

Her demeanor has changed as if she is walking with a new identity and confidence. These little expressions of love make such a difference to children and young people who have rarely heard uplifting words of encouragement in their homes and community.

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