Silence for 30 Minutes

Last week there was Silence For 30 Minutes, you could hear a pin drop at CBC.

Our students took their second learning evaluation exam. Carefully promoted as a ‘questionnaire,’ to reduce anxiety, CBC teachers are establishing markers for measuring learning outcomes each month.

After the Silent 30 minute ‘questionnaire,’ the usual noise levels quickly returned!

However, we find it interesting that the children are enjoying this style of learning. They feel valued and cared for, and are excited to see their own progress.

Last week we had a lady arrive to register her child who came because she had heard on the street that CBC was ‘smashing it’ at literacy. What a great review!

Our goal is to support these children by providing the education and opportunities they need to create hope for their future. This Silent Questionnaire is just one was that we do that.

What we do…

We work with children on a daily basis, filling up the school day by providing an extra 4 hours of education to help them succeed, stay off the streets, and stay in school. We have students in the morning who go to public school in the afternoon and vice-versa.

Our local staff in Brazil is a team of Christians with experience and knowledge in their field. Checkout our Dreambuilders page to see the services and opportunities we provide!

Not only do we reach the children, but we provide counseling for parents, food parcels, evangelical outreach, bible studies, and special events throughout the year.

There is much more that we are ready to do to expand our services when the resources become available. Our goal is to increase the student and staff numbers and expand our current facility so that we can help 500 children everyday. Our waiting lists are full and we need your help to reach these children! Support a child today!

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