What’s The Return On My Donation?

Look at these figures and remember we are only half way through Brazil’s academic year. Thanks to your monthly support, our stats will double by Christmas. This is the return on your donation each month you have given…

400 hours of education

130 nutritious meals

65 hours of safe play

X 260 children

Each hour of education is a step forward on a pathway out of poverty. Thank you so much for believing in us and enabling us to deliver these services.

That’s over 28,000 meals for our children, not including our 18 staff members and volunteers whom we feed every day as well.

These numbers translate into transformed lives because each of these activities enable our students to feel safe, loved, valued and confident. Furthermore our children are on a journey of faith. Each day they grow closer to God, maturing their understanding of Salvation through Jesus Christ and what it means to live in a right relationship with God.  

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