Just trying to get to school…

Our students continue to show tremendous resilience despite ongoing disruption to their lives.  At this time of the year, a typical morning involves walking to school in a torrential downpour. With no sidewalk they negotiate puddles of mud and sewage, sometimes up to their knees. In addition to environmental hazards, movements are also limited by the activity of gangs restricting access to alleyways.

The other day I went out to chat with students at recess. As I got closer to one group playing on the playground I was shocked by the discussion I heard. While climbing up and down the ladders and ropes, they were casually sharing about who they knew in the community who had been injured or killed by gunfire.

Of course it is terrifying to hear such young children talking this way. It makes me realize just how important it is that these 7, 8 & 9 year old’s have somewhere they feel safe.

How thankful we can be that the evil and unrest so many children in the world are experiencing right now does not have to dictate their future or be their master. Romans 6:11 reminds us that we are alive to God in Jesus Christ. It is by grace that we are able to offer safety, hope and salvation to these children.

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