High Hopes

When I first started taking coffee and bread to street children in Fortaleza, Brazil in 1983, I never imagined that they would become the professionals I have the pleasure of working with today.  

Below is a photo of Bruno. Today he’s a lawyer. I remember him as a timid but conscientious young boy, fighting to believe that life could hold something more than the violence and poverty he grew up with in the slums.  

His success is Channel To Brazil For Christ’s purpose: offering hope through Jesus Christ and providing the daily support that children living in the slums need to find their way out of poverty.   

It’s not easy, it takes dedication, patience, and sacrifice. On Christmas day we saw a devastating act of violence which took away 6 young lives in our community. But Bruno is one of our stories of transformation.   

We have a model that works, a strong reputation, and the respect of our community. We are invested in being a light in a dark place. Please join us as we take CBC into 2022 and beyond.  

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