Can I Borrow a Pair of Scissors?

Teachers have their ways of getting things done. At CBC it often involves codes that students have no idea about.

One of the tricks of the trade used by our staff in Brazil is “borrowing a pair of scissors.”

Intrigued? This is how it works…

When a child is in need of some special attention, showing signs of trauma, or behaving differently than normal, we want to help them immediately. Our teachers have developed a code in which they ask the child to go ask another teacher (who has a free period), if they can borrow a pair of scissors. When they hear this request, the other teacher immediately knows they should take the opportunity to spend some time with that student and find out if they are ok.  

Very often this provides the student with much needed individual attention and the opportunity to share problems. Sadly, at CBC we have many students who suffer from neglect, depression, grief, and abuse.   

During these discussions, we are often able to share the Gospel with the child and pray with them. We want to encourage them that they are special and unique, made in God’s image. As a team we are able to work together to best help all of our students.  

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