Plenty of Maintenance Needs

The classrooms, bathrooms, and communal areas have not been in normal use for a year and a half. Due to the pandemic we have not been allowed to employ local people to work. Nor have we been able to receive volunteer mission teams, who also make a huge contribution to the physical maintenance of the project.

Some of our current maintenance needs are listed below.

1. Structural work to repair/replace pillars

2. Classroom redecoration

3. Installation of new handwashing sinks and repairs to student bathrooms.

Please let us know if you would like more information and/or are able to help us fund any of these projects.

We would also like to invite your church to consider a missions trip to Brazil in 2022. Work teams will be a vital part of our recovery from the pandemic.

We’ve made a great start with maintenance and the classroom building is looking clean and colorful. We have even got a new banana tree! However, there are still large parts of the project that need sprucing up!

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