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40 years after I stepped out onto the streets of Brazil to help homeless children, we have so many stories of success…

Bruno, who I remember as a shy 8 year old, is now a lawyer. Erisvando, an energetic little boy, now owns a decorating company, and has just painted all our classrooms. Marcus, who lived on the streets and ran away from the police, is now a Detention Officer. There are so many more stories I could tell.

Then there are our facilities. Our first kitchen was outside and we washed dishes in a bucket. Above you can see our brand new convection oven which will help us cook 7,000 meals a month for under-nourished children.

Thank you for making this a reality.

It is my greatest honor to invite you, wherever you may be, to our 40th Anniversary Celebration Banquet. My desire is that at this event, many of you will share about how the ministry of CBC has impacted your life as we celebrate together all that God has done.

Even if you are out of the State of Virginia, please consider making a special trip, we would love to see you.

You can also share your stories online through our Anniversary Group

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