Flood update

Here is our Flood Update, and below it is a video update on how flooding is affecting the entire country.

We are working hard in between intense downfalls of rain to install electrics, pipes and pumps to prevent further flooding. We have three new pumps installed and we have one more to go ($4,500).

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CBC used to be on the outskirts of the city. Today there are illegally and poorly built homes all around our walls. As the city has grown, the drainage channels that used to remove runoff water and take it into the marshland, have been blocked off. So now there is nowhere for water to go. CBC has no connections to city infrastructure. We use septic tank systems which are under pressure from the rising groundwater levels. Now we have to pump rain water up from the lowest point (where it used to drain out into the marsh), back up to a side street to prevent it flooding our dining hall, kitchen and classrooms.  

Equatorial Rains.
The rainy season is short but intense. Recently we had 9 inches of rain in 24 hours. Flash flooding is the biggest issue for us because we cannot divert the water away quickly enough. Standing water throughout the community is a breeding ground for deadly diseases and many people get sick during this period. You can see the flash flooding on our You Tube page.  

What’s the Solution? 
We are working on multiple solutions with local engineers to prevent the accumulation of so much water in one spot. We also have some emergency barriers to stop breaches of our buildings. However, the best solutions are those which prevent damage to our buildings. These require strategically located pumping systems and good quality septic tanks. These are costly but important investments that we need to make to protect our health, buildings and school environment. The two pumps installed in 2023 certainly prevented catastrophic flooding this February, but we need 3 more.   We welcome your partnership as we strive to protect our staff and students.  

Many thanks,
Marc Marques Executive Director
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