A Global Village

By – Ruth Marques

You’ve heard the phrase, it takes a village to raise a child. But what if that village is a slum, marginalized by local authorities and ruled by violent gangs? If you expect that child to become anything other than another gang member, then either the child needs to get out of the village or the village needs some visitors.

Most people in the slums are just like you, they want peace and quality of life. The difference is that they are stuck. Hope and opportunity are the visitors that they need, but because of the nature of poverty in Brazil, it takes us an international effort to get them there. 

Dreambuilders is our system for you to make this global village work. We use precious resources of prayer and finances from America to work with local Christians here who work tirelessly everyday to bring this hope and opportunity to children  traumatized by violence and brokenness. 

The results are life-changing for everyone involved but we just can’t do it without you.

This fall we are starting a campaign to find support for 100 children, that’s 100 new Dreambuilders.

We need to match our monthly giving with the number of children we have capacity to support.

Will you help us reach this goal?


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