Extreme poverty

The local paper in Fortaleza recently reported that the city is facing its worst scenario of poverty in 10 years. The population of the city is estimated at 3 million. Half of these people live in poverty or extreme poverty.

Here is what that means….

Poverty = income less than $100 / month.

Extreme poverty = less than $34 / month.

That already sounds desperate but now consider that a basic food parcel containing one month’s supply of 12 essential items costs $137.

Half of the population of the city cannot afford to buy a monthly ration of rice, beans, beef, coffee, oil, bread, milk, coffee, butter, sugar or flour, let alone anything else.

This is why CBC is such a lifeline to so many families. The daily assurance of a hot meal for a child relieves some of the pressure of poverty on parents. It’s also why our family meal is so important. Families in the slums rarely sit down to eat a proper meal together. Imagine the joy and memories created when an opportunity comes along to be served a special meal with your whole family around the table.

As you prepare to gather your family this thanksgiving, please help us offer the same opportunity to a CBC family.


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