Some Difficult Times

The combination of a long and intense rainy season, pandemic recovery, and violence in the community, is making life in the slums extremely difficult for us at the moment.

Most significantly, we are fighting many battles with sickness and poor health. At present, 30% of our staff have illnesses which are preventing or greatly reducing their capacity to work. Please pray for Elandir, Lisiane, Erivando, and Oseias.

Many of the children are also sick. There seems to be many other viruses around in addition to COVID 19. 

During the pandemic, children in our community spent a year and a half without school. Today, we see the profound impact that this has had on their mental health, concentration, and academic development. The Gospel message, times of worship, prayer, and Biblical teaching are key as we minister to children who are un-motivated and depressed. Activities such as music, dance, sports, and outdoor projects are really important to help build confidence.

Please join us in prayer that the Lord will meet our needs at this difficult time. We pray for Christ’s presence and healing to break into the darkness and to restore health and the joy of Salvation to our children and their community.

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