Now I Am Someone

Marc has a vivid memory from the 1980’s of teaching Ciscero to write his name in charcoal on the sidewalk. He thought it was just a game but when Ciscero finished copying the letters from the piece of paper you can see in his hand, he said “There, now I am someone!”

It’s hard to imagine but some of the street children Marc helped 40 years ago are now approaching their 50th Birthdays. This is incredible, especially given that the average lifespan of a street child in Brazil at the time was only 16! 

We started with bread and coffee on the streets. We washed dishes under a mango tree, and we were on trend when we started teaching using typewriters! 

Now we are so blessed to have the facilities you see in our monthly newsletters and videos. We are only human and through the years we have experienced success, devastating losses, and difficult challenges, but most importantly we did not give up. 

We have given life, hope, and opportunity to thousands of needy children. Through all these years we have been dependent on God’s provision through the love and generosity of our precious partners like you. We cannot emphasize enough our gratitude for believing in us, encouraging us, and equipping us to share the love of Christ to the less fortunate of this world.

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