Guess Who

“Guess Who?” A greeting from behind Ruth at the Christmas Concert that had her stumped. Ruth is no stranger to the enthusiastic greetings of CBC students when they arrive at the project. This time, she was delighted to turn around and greet Priscio, a former student who moved out of the area to a rural village to complete high school.

Prisco just arrived back in Fortaleza. He is preparing to study administration at college and we couldn’t be happier to hear of his success. Priscio told Ruth, “When I finish college, it’s my dream to come back and work at CBC!”

At the same event, Marc had another “Guess Who” moment…

Jacob, who also received help from CBC when he was a street child in the 1990s. CBC helped Jacob get off the streets and into a home where he was able to rebuild his life. Today Jacob is a small business owner, his eldest daughter is a nurse, and his youngest daughter is now enrolled as a student at CBC.

We hope this is altogether as encouraging to you as it is to us. “Guess Who” you have helped over the years? As we hear stories like this of how people’s lives are being transformed by the ministry of CBC we will share. 40 years of ministry! What a beautiful gift to see the fruit as we look forward to many more years of inspiring hope in the next generation.

If you are not already a monthly giver, join us as a Dreambuilder this year. Support a child like Priscio and follow their progress into a future of hope and opportunity. Click Here to give a monthly gift.

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