Food Parcel Campaign

Since printing this newsletter, we’ve found a way to respond to an urgent need in our community. After 4 weeks of lockdown the families of CBC student are struggling to buy food and beginning to go hungry. Our families are used to living from daily wages earned in the informal sector and they are prohibited from working at this time.

CBC is working with a large supermarket to produce 260, large 25lb non-perishable food parcels. Each parcel costs $20.

We know that this is a difficult time but if you are able to reach out to your global neighbors and add a $20 donation to CBC to your shopping list this month, you can help us feed our families at this difficult time. The parcels will be distributed safely from CBC, class by class to comply with social distancing guidelines. The total cost is significantly more than our monthly food budget which is why we are sharing this need with you.  It will last a family of 4, 15 days.


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