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The Awaken M.E. program is here to help ignite the light within and inspire your church to be the hands and feet of Christ. Through engaging activities and presentations, we hope to assist in the development of young Christians, and to further awaken missions and evangelism in the hearts of all believers. 

What Is Awaken M.E.? 

Awaken M.E. stands for awaken missions and evangelism. We have developed themed workshops that combine our experiences in missions with God’s calling in Matthew 28 and Matthew 5. Here are a couple of the themes you can choose from:

  • Transformative Challenges: How embracing challenges and experiences in ministry/missions can change your life and your perspective on the world.  
  • The Power of ONE: How one word or action can affect your life and others and how this connects to mission/ministry. 
  • God of Mercy: How God shows his love to the poor and needy…That means you and me too! 

How It Works? 

Awaken M.E events are set up so we can work with you to create an individualized experience for your church. 

  • You choose the theme, date, and time to present to your church. 
  • We prepare all the materials for your event. 
  • You provide the space and volunteers to assist our event presenter.  
  • We run the event, and you watch and/or participate! 
  • Each program is created to be approximately 60-90 minutes long. We can adjust events to fit your schedule. 

What To Expect? 

During an Awaken M.E. event we will be engaging in games, conversations, and learning experiences.  

  • Games and challenging activities: This may include team building games, group challenge courses, and individual challenges. 
  • Interactive presentation: This could involve educational materials, biblical references, personal testimony from presenter, and involvement from your church (the audience) 

How To Prepare For The Event? 

  • Contact to discuss a date, time, and theme for the workshop. 
  • For youth events, find adult volunteers to assist in youth group activities (approx. 1 adult for every 8 youth)  
  • Prepare the space on the day of the event. Each event is a little different. Generally, events will require:
    • An open space to play a game (minimum 20×30 ft) 
    • A space with chairs for everyone to sit and watch a presentation 
    • Access to projector and screen (connections for presenter PC)

What Are The Goals? 

  • To inspire young generations to stand firm in their beliefs, display the light of Christ, and step into the ministry God has planned for them. 
  • To expand participants’ views on the impact they can have in the world around them. 
  • To assist in the development of young Christians and to inspire missions and evangelism in the church. 

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