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Beatriz is 12 years old and in grade 8 at CBC. She lives in an isolated area of the slums where her day to day life is controlled by the gangs that rule the alleyways.

Her experience of school is very limited because her public school, often sends her straight back home after registration because teachers are on strike. Until she found out about CBC, she was often confined to the house all day, with her younger brother, fearful of the gangs operating right outside her front door.

Now a happy student at the project, these are her own words.

I came to the CBC this year because my friends told me about a place where the teachers really care and where you can learn really cool stuff. They were right, here I feel loved and special. We learn things that we don’t learn at school and most importantly I feel safe. When I grow up I want to be a doctor because I want to help people.”

Beatriz has lots of catching up to do, especially with her Portuguese and math, but we trust that with her willingness to learn, she will be a great new student for our grade 8 class.