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General Running Costs

CBC is a project which you can support with the confidence that you will see results and enjoy a strong relationship with us as an organization and also as real people working on the ground in Brazil.

Our monthly updates bring you all the latest information and feedback showing you exactly what your donation is producing at a practical level in Brazil.

We need Dreambuilders, people like you who will make a monthly pledge to supporting a child, offering them consistency, a safe place to come every day, to learn and thrive. Click HERE to donate.

This year we are fundraising for various projects


CBC owns a bakery close to the project. Our desire is to re-start this business as a means of generating local employment and income for CBC.


At the same site as the bakery, we have now dug a deep well which has a good supply of fresh water. We are developing a project to bottle this water for re-sale.


As children succeed and progress in their studies, CBC is challenged to grow and provide further services. You can help us do this by giving to our fund for a new teacher. The cost is $10,000 per year.


Providing opportunities for children to develop their skills and talents is really important in the slums. Inside the grounds of the project there is safety from the lure of the gangs and life on the streets. Creating a running track involves some heavy landscaping, but it will greatly assist our sports program and give a focus for young people in our athletics team. The cost is $8,000.

For more information please contact Marc Marques
(757) 244 6852 or email

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