How Important Is The Future?

In many ways the future is all that we work, study, plan and dream for. That’s what most of us are taught and absorb from the world around us. However, for a child growing up in a slum community, the future is now. As you read this, you probably have the luxury of planning what you will do next week or next month, but

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May News

Hear about what a CBC staff member thought about his trip to the USA, plus a powerful story of transformation, a former CBC student who is now a cutting edge 3D photographer in Fortaleza. Click Here and open our May Newsletter.

Wrap up Your Year…

…With A Gift That Changes Lives! Our year end campaign is all about making a lasting difference. Check out the photos and different presents that you can give to kids in Brazil this Christmas. Visit our Newsletters page to read the December Newsletter 2013 and make a Christmas Donation.

New Students

In contrast to the graduation season in America right now, these are just some of the newly enrolled students who have recently started their daily education at CBC. It’s tremendous to see so many young smiling faces, eager to learn and absorb everything they see and hear at the project. As you continue to read this newsletter you will see some of the comments

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The New School Year Begins

It’s the time of year (finally!) when the Brazilian public schools close their books on the academic year that was 2012, and allow students to move into their new classes. In April we had a two week period of registration and were amazed to find mothers, fathers and grandparents standing in line at 4.30am in order to secure places for their children at the

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Eduardo’s Story

Eduardo is 11 and in sixth grade at CBC. He’s been a student at CBC for four years during which time we have seen an amazing transformation in his behavior and character. Four years ago Eduardo was a rebellious boy and very challenging to work with. He was disobedient and unwilling to engage in the various activities on offer to him at the project.

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Vanessa’s Story

We first introduced you to Vanessa in our newsletter back in April 2011. At the time she was 10 years old and suffering from the tragic loss of her mother from a drugs overdose. Today, Vanessa is 13 and continues live with her Grandmother as her father does not accept responsibility for her upbringing. Vanessa is doing well despite living in very difficult conditions

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