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How Important Is The Future?

In many ways the future is all that we work, study, plan and dream for. That’s what most of us are taught and absorb from the world around us.

However, for a child growing up in a slum community, the future is now. As you read this, you probably have the luxury of planning what you will do next week or next month, but a child living in poverty has no such ability.

Like the pages of an action packed novel, families in the slums often move from one crisis to the next. The only difference is that the slums are real and the events are brutal, heartbreaking and terribly sad.

Of course CBC is all about preparing children for a better future but with each new day what matters for each child is right now. Can you imagine the look of confusion on the face of a young teenager from the slums, sleep deprived, hungry, sick and frightened, if you were to bounce up to them and start talking about graduating University, commuting to work and starting a pension fund?

The truth is that the reality of daily life in the Brazilian slums, prevents children and families from focusing on the future.

What makes a difference is that today, CBC is supporting staff who are humble, gentle, gracious and understanding. They have to be patient, and manage  their emotions, anger and frustrations at the injustices they see and experience. Then, after building relationship and showing themselves as faithful servants to these children, they need to have enough energy left to lead them.

So yes, the future is important but not without a focus on today. Thank you for supporting us and our Brazilian staff who are heroically building the future one day at a time.

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