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The New School Year Begins

It’s the time of year (finally!) when the Brazilian public schools close their books on the academic year that was 2012, and allow students to move into their new classes. In April we had a two week period of registration and were amazed to find mothers, fathers and grandparents standing in line at 4.30am in order to secure places for their children at the project. For the first time this year, we even had the Director of a local public school calling us to find out if she could reserve a large number of places for pupils from her school.

Despite the violence which constantly threatens the value of education, these events show us the tremendous desire that there is for the opportunities CBC offers. Underpaid and under resourced public school teachers are again on strike, looking to improve their working conditions and it’s no wonder that school Directors are desperately seeking solutions.

We continue to do our best and offer as many places as possible. It’s our prayer that the local government can improve the public schools, resolve the many conflicts that exist within the current system and better serve the children who live in the desperately needy slums of Brazil.


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