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Eduardo’s Story



Eduardo is 11 and in sixth grade at CBC. He’s been a student at CBC for four years during which time we have seen an amazing transformation in his behavior and character. Four years ago Eduardo was a rebellious boy and very challenging to work with. He was disobedient and unwilling to engage in the various activities on offer to him at the project. However, with persistence and patience we have steadily seen his behavior change and today we see a completely different boy who is a pleasure to be with.

Eduardo lives with his mother who is a domestic maid and his step-father. He has 3 brothers. Eduardo never misses a day at CBC and says that it is a place where He can talk to God and learn more about Him. Eduardo loves theatre classes and has taken part in many of our productions. Today he participates well in the classroom and really enjoys chapel and our monthly bible quiz.  Eduardo’s dream is to be a soccer player.

Please pray for Eduardo to continue to grow in his faith in God and to pursue his studies. We are so thankful that he is a part of CBC.

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